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In the corner of your eye by Essy-Ex
by Essy-Ex

This piece clearly left an impact on me as both a viewer and a victim of this fear. I enjoyed seeing the floral design of the white shi...

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approximately four days, eight hours, nine minutes, and something seconds away as of the moment I've begun typing this. I should say this year has been amazing, live-changing, everything I hoped it would be, but really it hasn't. It's been harder than I thought and things aren't getting any easier. I've changed, some ways not quite for the better. I'm still changing. I'm going to continue changing as long as I'm still breathing. So, here's going to be my reflection of the year, as I've done since 2011. To those who haven't read any of my previous reflections, I'll provide links:

So let's get started, shall we?
As always, I'm going to start off with my checklist of resolutions from last year's reflection.

Actually get Falling published at last
Make new friendships
End unhealthy ones
Continue to excel in photography (I just got a new kit of goodies for Christmas, so I'm very excited)
Discover even more about myself
Change my room a bit more (Eh I just got a new desk but it's pretty sweet)
Fix up my wardrobe because damn Erin some of those clothes are horrifying (I mean I have gotten some better clothes since so)
Finally get my temps and/or my license (working on it, I swear)
Start working out again, because I haven't in months and I really liked having muscles (eh)
Discover new opportunities and grasp them by the horns
Try to get over some of the unhealthy habits I've picked back up
Explore the world a bit; step out of my shell some more

So, in total, about 9/13 (counting the underlined ones as 1/2 of an accomplishment), not too shabby considering how this year has gone.
And now, for the infamous "what I've done over the course of (insert year)" list.

So, this year, I('ve) . . .
Made some new friends
Gone to two more conventions
Managed to break my front teeth (got them fixed pretty quickly, thankfully)
Read all of the LotR books/watched the movies over the course of maybe two weeks (magnificent books btw, just saw the last Hobbit movie today as well, too many emotions)
Published Falling
Furthered my photography
Started taking college courses alongside my high school ones
Returned to NYC
Dyed my hair red (which it still is, though I need to redye it soon because my regrowth is horrible and it's turning brassy again)
Helped quite a few people with quite a few things
Had my first official paid photography gig
Fallen quickly in love
Fallen violently out of love
Lost some friends
Grew apart from more friends
Lost very important people
Slightly lost another very important person (they moved, the distance is heart-wrenching)
Almost lost myself

Not too many good things, really, but also not too many bad things. A lot of you may not find this shocking, but I honestly wasn't planning on making it this far. Wasn't planning on making it past July, actually. But I'm here and I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing and to help me get through these last few days

I'm going to list some resolutions for the upcoming year of 2015.
idk get some band merch for this group I've fallen in love with (Steam Powered Giraffe is amazing)
Try not to be too self destructive
Maybe start selling some of my photographs
Do something with my new story plotline
Get more equipment for my photography, maybe a new camera
Actually get my license (get over your friggin driver's anxiety, jeeesus)
Make some more friends
Hold on to the friends I've got
Get some help for my personal issues
Discover more about myself
Love myself more
Start to heal
Read more than I've read this year
Enjoy what I can of the world
Branch out some more (socially, maybe explore places I haven't before)
Go on a road trip somewhere, anywhere, take people who mean a lot to me along for the ride
Go on a road trip by myself, maybe
Try not to lose myself for real

Not very many big achievements, but I'm scrambling as it is so even the little things like complimenting myself more or going out to see some of my friends are things that I need to get better at doing. I don't have much else to say, really, and I'm sorry for that. I feel like I've really been letting you guys down this year, so I'm going to try to fix that a bit more, too. 

Anyways, as my tradition goes, I welcome all of you to make some reflections and resolutions of your own, whether in a journal on here or on another site, or even just for yourself. Sometimes it's really encouraging to go back and remember everything you've accomplished over the year. If you'd like to, do share them with me! I love to read about what people have accomplished and what they plan on accomplishing.

To finish off, I hope the majority of you have enjoyed your holidays, despite the chaos happening in the U.S. currently, and I wish you all a happy new year. Let's make it count.

Forever yours,


Artist | Student | Photography
United States
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Chum handle: insomniaticOddity
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I'm Erin, but my common alias everywhere besides here and facebook is Ritski, so call me either/or.

I'm an overall quirky person with a love for photography and writing and have participated in National Novel Writing Month in 2012, 2013, and possibly further on as well!
I'm pretty friendly, and will befriend just about anybody, so don't be scared to drop a message!

I've got a lot of interests and hobbies and favorites for different things, so just check out the Interests section below for a little more insight!

Wow uh sorry I'm actually kind of boring and I'm not so great at making descriptions anymore, so I'll just leave this here by saying welcome, here you'll be able to travel with me in my maturing of photography and writing and I hope that you enjoy what you see!

Edit as of October 2013: I'll be much more active on my Tumblr pages as of late, so go ahead and head over there, too!

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